Workforce Internship Program

North Texas SNAP’s Workforce Internship Program was developed to help prepare Members for employment and to support Members in volunteer internships and paid employment.

Our Program Director matches Members with employers and serves as a liaison between the Member and employer to create a rewarding and successful experience for both parties.

For more information, please contact our Program Director.


“Our son participated in the work internship program throughout his first years of employment, learning how to work with customers and how to deal with managers and co-workers.  Now, he is working 4-5 days a week and has matured in ways I never thought possible.  People who have known him his whole life are amazed in how he has changed and developed in his maturity, communication skills, and outgoing personality.  Most of all, he has grown in his abilities to deal with people and life’s situations.”  Martha and Phil

“Partnering with SNAP has allowed Market Street to exemplify its mission statement of ultimate service, superior performance and positive impact, each and every day.  SNAP’s dedication and passion for serving others is truly inspiring.  The value and bond in the shared partnership is immeasurable”.  Market Street


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Our members’ unique needs and personal potential are guiding factors as we develop activities and programs, providing a positive and caring environment where friendships are nurtured and life skills are developed.

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