Job Support Program

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Beginning in August, we will be switching from the Internship Program over to our new Job Support Program to benefit more members on their jobs as the need arises.

Current SNAP internship employers will continue to be supported with advice and brainstorming without charge when they contact us with issues concerning our members.   However, NTX SNAP members will now need to seek support through the Job Support Program.

SNAP Families/Members can request personal job support for a fee of $100.00 per 4 hours of support.

Job Support includes:

Job Support doesn’t include extensive, long term personal job coaching.

Steps to begin the Job Support Program:

  1. The parent/caregiver asks the employer if a special needs job advocate (NTX SNAP program director) for the member can come to assist in the current situation.
  2. Parents/Caregivers seeking job support for their member would submit a request form detailing the member’s current job and the current concerns.
  3. If approval is gained from the employer, the program director will meet with member, parents/caregiver and employer to discuss the current difficulties and assist in suggesting possible solutions.
  4. If more extensive support is needed, job support service providers in the area will be recommended.

Participating in JOBS Club will be recommended for all SNAP members who are currently employed or seeking employment to aid in developing skills and positive attitudes on the job, as well as, to have a place of support and encouragement.

Job Support Program Payment

Job Support Program Application

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