Girls’ Night Out

Girls’ Night Out normally meets the 4th Tuesday of each month at the SNAP office 6:30 p.m – 8:30 p.m. Check under “Events” for the next upcoming meeting.

The Girls Night Out Program offers a fun social experience but always with a purpose.  North Texas SNAP’s female Members are provided information regarding issues unique to women such as self-advocacy, personal safety, community service, health and healthy self-image while doing fun activities such as arts and crafts, yoga, fitness, and games.

North Texas SNAP is looking for women within our community who would like to share their talents, hobbies or topics unique to women such as self-advocacy, women’s health, personal safety, community service and a healthy self-image. If you are interested in volunteering with Girls Night Out, please contact us.

This information is offered to our female Members in a positive, upbeat environment where they can have fun as well as develop and maintain deeper friendships.

For more information, please contact our Program Director.


“Going to Girls Night Out has made such a difference in Kendra’s life.  She looks forward to going every month and always has so much fun.  I watch the other girls with her each month and realize what a great program this is for them and how this fills a need in Kendra’s life as well as all the other girls.”  Kay

“ Kaylie participates in numerous SNAP activities.  However the opportunity to grow and develop relationships with other young ladies with disabilities has been huge.   Sitting back and watching Kaylie move from table to table at Girls Night Out and greet each and every attendee by name brings joy and pride to my heart.”  Mary


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Our members’ unique needs and personal potential are guiding factors as we develop activities and programs, providing a positive and caring environment where friendships are nurtured and life skills are developed.

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