Paul Cobb, Director

Paul Cobb resides in Colleyville with his wife Sheila and son Adam. In 1999, Paul and Sheila were one of several families that helped organize North Texas SNAP in order to give our children the opportunity to have a social and educational network.

Paul volunteers in fundraising events, all social events, and participates in our programs. He is a volunteer for our Men’s Club and recently joined the SNAP Board of Directors.

In 2016, Paul was SNAP’s Shining Star for ArtsNet. (Arst Council Northeast)

Paul’s hobbies are traveling, hiking the canyons of West Texas, and watching college football games. One of his proudest moments was taking our SNAP members to a martial arts class and earning his Black Belt in Kung Fu San Soo. Seeing our members receiving the same Black Belt designation was the proudest moment.


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