Hannah Sewell, Executive Director

Hannah Sewell

Hannah began her SNAP career as a volunteer in 2008.  She volunteered as a “mock interviewer” for the SNAP “JOBS Club” teaching critical job skills to the SNAP members, enabling them to interview and secure meaningful community jobs.    In January 2015, Hannah served as the Life Coach / Job Coach for SNAP.    She worked directly with the SNAP members teaching them life skills such as first aid, basic cooking, money management, relationship boundaries, goal setting, etc.

In January 2020, Hannah became the SNAP Executive Director.    In that role, she is responsible for the continued operations of SNAP including their 9 on-going programs which assist members to live fuller and more independent lives. Hannah is also responsible for the SNAP mission, fundraising, sponsorships, membership growth, and community volunteers.

Hannah recently got married (Oct 2020) and loves to spend time with her husband and three children.


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Our members’ unique needs and personal potential are guiding factors as we develop activities and programs, providing a positive and caring environment where friendships are nurtured and life skills are developed.

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